Ultimate Creative Experiences
Find Your Song
"We're all born with a song, deeply rooted in our core.
The tune is effortless. It is the very breath that awakens our soul."
- Kaci Allen

Throughout our lives, expectations are placed on us of how we 'should' act or
professional paths we 'should' pursue, what our partner or family 'should' look
like, or worse, toxic voices telling us we aren't good enough, even at our best.

These messages, intentional or not, have a way of slowly stifling the voice of our
inner 'self.' We learn to put up a facade, vulnerability becomes too threatening
and we muzzle what's left of our authentic self to avoid pain and rejection.
We learn to fit into someone else's mold and though at times we convince
ourselves it's safer to hide, at our deepest, most intimate place we are suffocating!

'Find Your SongTM' part of our Ultimate Creative Experiences. 'Find Your Song,' is not a "how to write a hit song" workshop, there are plenty of those out there. This exciting 3-day personal growth workshop is designed to help you re-engage and discover the song you were meant to sing, while finding the freedom to take back your lyrics! It's time to reignite your passion and ‪#‎FindYourSong‬

- A MUST workshop for parents and athletes who are preparing for
a collegiate journey. This weekend combines time with both parents and athletes
as well as individual sessions where each group is separated.

Athletes will work on techniques to take their mental game to the next

level while parents develop strategies to parent in a new role.

Combined time will be spent with on communication and goal setting
to work toward a smooth transition and successful career.

Game Time

- This workshop, for athletes only, gives athletes hands on experience.
We not only teach key techniques and strategies for mental
game development, but give each athlete considerable time to practice
and become successful at each.

Workshops are designated 1) High School 2) Collegiate 3) Professional.

Post Game

Whether transitioning out of college and developing a career, or retiring from a professional journey,

these exclusive seminars devote considerable time to addressing challenges that may arise and planning for

that next step. When an athlete has played competitively for most of their life, questions of "Who Am I" arise and

often an identity crisis can occur, whether realized or not. We work with athletes and their families on the uniqueness

of this period in their life.

Parenting Workshops

- Parenting the Developing Athlete (from little league to pro).
- Parenting the Collegiate Student-Athlete
- Basic Mindfulness Strategies

Mindfulness/ Visualization Training
- Process Focused Coaching
- Focal Cue Development
- Relaxation/ Coping Skills

Creative Mental Training
- All Athletes are Superheroes 
- A Room Full of Donkey Pinatas!
- Positive Emotions for Increased Performance
- The Art of Creative Thinking

Effective Communication

Substance Abuse Educational Training for Athletes and Coaches

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