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Golf is a sport that is 90% mental.  Anyone who tells you that it is less is wrong.  When I came to Kaci, because of emotion issues on the course, she patiently worked with me every week to try and make a difference.  She helped me gain a new perception on the game and after leaving every appointment I felt encouraged to become better.  I had my best tournaments while working with her and she has made me a much more consistent and even-tempered player that is prepared to think through any tough situation on and off the golf course.

My time with Kaci has really changed my perspective on a lot of things.  When we first met I was in a pretty dark place in my life. I didn't know whom to turn to.  I needed someone's confidential guidance, to help me get through the school year and athletic season.  Kaci has helped me simplify things, and is working hard with me to learn how to turn negative situations/feelings into positive feelings that are better for my well-being as a person, not just a student-athlete.  She has challenged, encouraged and been consistent with me from day one.  I honestly believe my life has been changed for the better because of my work with Kaci.

Kaci has provided an incredible and invaluable service for our family.  Our daughter when through an extremely difficult transition to college facing more responsibilities than a "normal" student, coupled with extreme anxiety from leaving home, she was on the verge of quitting her sport as we as school altogether, giving up her entire scholarship.  I can say confidently that without the guidance and counsel of Kaci, our daughter most likely would not still be enrolled at the University.

To be able to perform at a high level like we should at the Division 1 level, we need to be 100% focused on the task at hand.  Personal issues and stress must be taken care of beforehand and Kaci has helped with not only my preparations and performances this past year, but more importantly my personal life outside of golf. She has helped me discover a different and positive way to look at things, which I will be forever thankful for.  Kaci relates to us so well and I feel like I have known her forever and have since day one.  I am at a completely different place than I was a year ago and excited about the future.

Kaci allowed me to be myself and open up more to my team and was a constant support system.  After our sessions with her, my other relationships outside of our team seemed very superficial and I started to wonder what else I had been missing.  What lies beneath the surface of the people I surround myself with everyday?  My relationships depeend and I think I started to gel with my teammates more on and off the court. 

The sessions benefited all of us as athletes.  It gave us a chance to vent to someone who genuinely cared about us, but is outside the program; it was a release we definitely needed.  It also was a bridge for communication with our coaches that was safe.  A sport psychologist is a staple at many D1 schools, but Kaci provides that an so much more.  Because she doesn't just stick with visualization, or focus and performance issues (though we do TONS of that) she is also able to walk with us through more difficult, personal issues that if not dealt with, cloud our ability on the court.  My teammates were able to overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual assaults and even family issues they found themselves stuck in the middle of.  It was better for us to have one person that knew us inside and out rather than trying to go between different people and having to be referred elsewhere like I know friends at others schools have had to do.  AND, the drug and alcohol use throughout our entire athletic department drastically decreased.  Having sober players, who are fully present is a big deal.

Along with team meetings, a few of us chose to meet with Kaci individually throughout the year.  I met with Kaci once a week in both the fall and spring semesters.  Through these meetings, I was not only able to discuss strategies and methods for becoming a better athlete, but I was also able to discuss other aspects that affected my athletics as well as my daily life.  I talked with Kaci about my fears, worries and issues, with topics ranging from stress with school and athletics, self-esteem and identity, as well as relationships among peers, family, mentors and others.  My time with Kaci empowered me, allowing me to learn more about myself and gain secuirty and poise in my overall identity.  This empowerment, sourced from her counsel, was an enormous factor in my success nationally this past year. 

As a team we finished second in our conference, three of our players, including myself received conference honors and awards.  Among those awards, I received the Player of the Year title as a junior, was a unanimous selection of the All-Conference first team, led the conference in kills per set and was ranked eighth in the nation for kills.  I became one of six players in our team's history to surpass 1,000 kills.  I led the conference in points per set, and was in the top 10 nationally for this category as well and was invited to tryout for the National Olympic team in Colorado Springs with some of the best players in the nation. Not only did I receive national rankings this year, I succeeded off the court with a 4.0GPA.  Without Kaci, I believe our athletics department would be at an extreme loss considering the impact she had not only on individual athletes, but teams as a whole.  Despite her busy travel schedule, we always felt like she was right here for us when we needed her.