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Ultimate Cohesion
Whether a traditional team sport, or a team of individual players (such as tennis) Team Cohesion is vital to a thriving program.  By taking a proactive approach to connect and build trust, conflict is minimized, effective communication strategies are developed, and teams are set up to achieve mustually selected goals.  To be so conected to your team that you can read their eyes across the field, makes strategic competition virtually effortless.  

Customized Team Time New Coach? New Players? Coming back from a winning season high and want to keep it there? Maybe the team is down from loss... regardless, we can customize team time to address your team's specific needs. These groups are ideal for collegiate teams who recruit new players each year, to jump start cohesion. Travel teams and newly formed teams also highly benefit from learning more about each other and working on an intimate level outside of sport performance.

Psychotherapy Groups By working in a group setting, clients are able to process a wide variety of issues that may be holding them back. Groups are highly effective and often more cost-efficient for participants. Groups range from a variety of topics including, but not limited to: Trauma, Disordered Eating, Substance Use/ Addictive Behaviors, Interpersonal Relationships, Confidence, Anger Management, Coping Strategies, Grief and Loss, and Life Transitions. Groups require a minimum of one individual consultation to determine what setting may be the best fit for each client. Groups are closed, confidential and limited to a maximum number of participants.

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