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Sport Psychology Techniques & Assessments

- Pre-game Rituals

- Focal Cues

- Process Focused Coaching
- Mindfulness/ Meditation
- Visualization Training
- Debriefing
- Expressive Arts

- Anxiety Reduction

- Performance Enhancement

- HearthMath Coherency Training

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator




Parenting Workshops
Mindfulness/ Visualization Training

Creative Mental Training
Effective Communication

Substance Abuse

Team Building

Ultimate Cohesion

Customized "Team Time"

Psychotherapy Groups


- Couples counseling

- Adolescent and Family Therapy​

- Executive Coaching

- Family Intensives

- College Student Counseling

- Pre-marital Counseling

- Depression & Anxiety

- Anger Management

- Coping Skills​

- Grief & Loss

- Trauma and Abuse Recovery

- Family of Origin

- Addictive Behaviors

- Interpersonal Relationships

- Expressive Arts Therapy

- Mindfulness Coaching

"If it affects the minds, it affects performance." (Allen, 2014). 

Most athletes benefit from customized individual or group counseling, freeing their mind to focus on their sport.  An initial assessment can determine a treatment plan of action that best fits your needs and desires.