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Individual Sessions

Athletes are at greater risk for issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety and substance abuse, yet are less likely to ask for help. When athletes realize that anything cluttering their mind has a direct affect on their performance, many are eager to seek out services of a personal therapist or sport counselor and the results can be life-changing.

For the athlete who prefers an individual customized experience, our one-on-one
work does just that.  Availalbe in person, or remotely, athletes and parents can
work on clinical and performance related issues.  Often times, past experiences
​interfere with our ability to stay present and trust ourselves.  This leads to
increased anxiety and stress during performance.  By working with one of our
athletic counselors, we are able to address any underlying issues that may impeed
performance from depression, negative self-talk, past trauma, disordered eating,
identity issues, relationship concerns, family dynamics and more.  We are also
​avialalbe to guide each individual in developing mindfullness and focus strategies
for their individual needs.  

In keeping with our mission to serve the whole athlete, some additional services provided are: