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Find Your SongTM                     

We're all born with a song, deeply rooted in our core. 
The tune is effortless. It is the very breath that awakens our soul.
- Kaci Allen

Throughout our lives, expectations are placed on us of how we 'should' act or the professional
paths we 'should' pursue, what our partner or family 'should' look like, or worse, toxic voices
telling us we aren't good enough, even at our best.

These messages, intentional or not, have a way of slowly stifling the voice of our inner 'self.'
We learn to put up a facade, vulnerability becomes too threatening and we muzzle what's
left of our authentic self to avoid pain and rejection. We learn to fit into someone else's
mold and though at times we convince ourselves it's safer to hide, at our deepest, most
intimate place we are suffocating!

We are excited to launch 'Find Your Song' part of our 'Ultimate Creative Experiences.'
'Find Your Song,' is not a "how to write a hit song" workshop, there are plenty of those out there. 
This 3-day workshop is designed to help you re-engage and discover the song you were
meant to sing, while finding the freedom to take back your lyrics! We believe it can be life changing.
It's time to reignite your passion and ‪#‎FindYourSong‬

Limited to 10 participants due to highly personalized nature.

For more information, or to reserve your spot contact: or visit the Registration Page Here.

Why Do An Intensive

When:June 3-5  EVENT IS FULL - Wait List Opportunity Available:
** Due to overwhelming response, we are scheduling a second weekend, Fall 2016.  HOLD YOUR SPACE NOW by emailing here!

Schedule: Friday 9-5, Saturday, 9-5, Sunday 9-1
Cost: $495 Before April 27("Early Bird Rate")    $595 Beginning May 1

Group size is extremely limited due to the personalized nature of this weekend and a non-refundable deposit of $350 is due at the time of registration, with the remaining balance due two weeks before the workshop. If opting for the early bird rate, $495 must be paid on or before April 30.  Checks should be made payable to Catch23 Performance or you may pay with a debit or credit card here. We do not charge a processing fee for debit or credit cards.

Location:Location for this workshop will be given ONLY to registered participants to ensure privacy. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are held in Nashville or within 30 miles to accommodate ease of those flying in. If you need help with transportation, or nearby hotel information, please email

More about Kaci...

Many intensives require that you are currently in or have been in therapy.  However, this unique experience is open to those who don't necessarily fit that criteria.  An initial consultation with Kaci is required to assess your readiness for this program and maximum benefit of each participant.  At times during a 50 minute counseling or coaching session, clients find themselves shutting down early, as their minds prepare to return to various life roles: parent, boss, coach, leader, student, doctor, partner, spouse, friend etc. An intensive is an excellent opportunity to temporarily disconnect from many outside responsibilities that pull from all directions and find a deeper level of growth and healing.  Weekend intensives are often sought outby those who are currently have a therapist or coach, or who have in the past. It's not uncommon to hear that after an intensive such as this, individual therapy seems more fluid, shame has less power and clients are more connected with who they are and who they want to be. Participants who are currently in therapy, will leave with an after-care plan to take back to their individual therapist or coach for continued growth.