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College Pre-Season Weekend: Collegiate athletes are at increased risk for suicide, depression, anxiety and other critical issues that can affect not only their health and wellness, but their overall athletic performance. 
This dual purpose conference works with both athletes and their parents. 

Athletes will learn key mental training techniques and secrets that can make the college transition flow more smoothly. These exercises are key to staying at the top of their game, avoiding many pitfalls faced by the increased risks and pressures of performing at the collegiate level.  Student-Athletes will also learn effective time management skills and what the day in the life of a collegiate athlete entails, so they are better prepared on day one.

Parents will experience first hand the pressures faced by collegiate athletes with regard to academics, and the rigorous expectations of high performing student-athletes. Parents learn what to expect and the challenges that come along with their athlete leaving home and performing, often at a distance that prevents from attending every competition.  Additional emphasis on parenting strategies in the remaining months prior to the college transition are effective in helping parents bridge communication gaps, and key techniques to helping their adolescent athletes excel and finish strong in their high school careers.

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